Experience the transformative power of “Heal” – the ultimate in equine skincare, expertly crafted to ensure your horse’s prime health and happiness. This all-in-one antiseptic and anti-fungal ointment is specifically designed to provide quick and effective relief, making it the perfect remedy for a multitude of skin conditions such as cracked heels, rope and hopple burns, chafes, abrasions, and all forms of minor cuts.

At the heart of Heal is a potent yet gentle formula that effectively shields against fungal infections and thwarts bacteria’s attempts to colonize wounds. This promises to keep your horse not just healthy, but comfortable and content, encouraging their natural vitality to shine through.

Crafted using superior quality ingredients, Heal’s safety profile allows for daily application across all equine skin types. This ensures your horse always stays in top health, enhancing their overall well-being and performance.

The magic of Heal lies in its unique blend of antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that act together to create a protective barrier, calm irritation, and fast-track the natural healing process. This easy-to-apply ointment is quickly and efficiently absorbed, allowing you to administer effective care with minimal fuss, ensuring more quality time with your equine companion.

Don’t let minor injuries and discomfort interrupt your horse’s journey to excellence. Allow Heal to deliver the fast, dependable relief that your horse deserves. Add a jar of Heal antiseptic ointment to your stable essentials today and witness a remarkable transformation in your horse’s health and happiness.



Heal’s powerful formula contains Coconut Oil for its natural antiseptic properties; Cetyl alcohol as a conditioning agent; Biopolysan, a proven antimicrobial; Eucalyptol for its anti-inflammatory benefits; and Thymol for its antiseptic properties. These ingredients are perfectly balanced in an emollient base, offering a gentle yet effective solution for equine skin care.


Backed by Modern Science

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