Better Than Bute

The Ultimate Solution for Your Horse’s Comfort

“Better than Bute” is specially formulated to provide targeted relief for horses suffering from arthritis and aches and pains from soft tissue injuries. Our advanced formula combines the power of natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology, ensuring maximum effectiveness and unparalleled results. Say goodbye to your horse’s discomfort and hello to a happier, more active companion.

Its unique blend of potent natural ingredients sets “Better than Bute” apart from other products. We’ve handpicked the finest botanical extracts known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Our formula includes key ingredients such as:

  • Turmeric root is renowned for its powerful anti-inflammatory effects, which can significantly reduce joint pain and swelling.
  • Black pepper is included to enhance the absorption of the active compounds in turmeric, maximizing its efficacy.
  • Incarvillea Sinensis extract is known for its traditional use in relieving joint pain and promoting mobility.

These meticulously selected ingredients work synergistically to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and improve joint mobility, ensuring your horse can move with ease and grace. “Better than Bute” provides exceptional pain relief while promoting long-term joint health.

Not only does “Better than Bute” provide unparalleled relief, but it also prioritizes ease of use. Our palatable formula is available in a convenient powder form, making it simple to add to your horse’s daily feed. No more struggling with difficult-to-administer pills or injections. With “Better than Bute,” providing relief for your horse has never been easier. “Better than Bute” – the ultimate solution for your horse’s comfort!