How We Got Started

Stop hoof problems before they start. Grow higher quality hoof faster. The best medicine is preventive and proactive medicine.

A Veterinarian, a dentist, and a Ph.D. go into a barn. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, but the idea that came out of that barn will change hoof care forever.

What brought these men together is something that we all can relate to: they were worried about their horses’ health. The racehorse that they owned together had bad feet. He was constantly plagued by problems that threatened to cause him to miss the good part of the racing season. There was nothing on the market that seemed to help. The farrier was doing his best, but the quality of the hoof was so bad he didn’t have much to work with.

The products on the market may kill the thrush and white line disease on the surface, but they didn’t penetrate, and if they did, they also killed the surrounding tissue. On top of that, the farrier had to remove so much of the hoof wall to expose the problem there was little to nail a shoe on. This led to different hoof patches, which sometimes stuck sometimes didn’t.

What was needed wasn’t just a temporary fix to the problem but a solution to it. The thrush and white line disease needed to be cured and prevented from coming back, and something was needed to grow new quality hoof back faster.

What emerged wasn’t just one product but an entire system.

Best Hoof Conditioner