Horse Hoof Wall

The wall of the horse's hoof is a complicated structure with intricate parts that all work together for the horse to be able to perform at their best

Horse Hoof Wall

The wall of the horse’s hoof is a complicated structure with intricate parts that all work together for the horse to be able to perform at their best, which acts as protection for everything inside the foot. This full and continuous coverage helps the horse walk across tough terrain without damaging any of their delicate internal structures – something that would not be possible without such an effective shield. Even more impressive is its adaptability; it can naturally expand or contract as needed depending on environmental conditions, ensuring that each step the horse takes is as healthy and comfortable as possible. Without it being healthy and correctly functioning, a horse would have difficulties succeeding regardless of how well-trained they were and how hard it worked.


Hooves need to be trimmed on a regular basis

Maintenance is vital for their health and well-being. As a responsible horse owner, trimming the hooves needs to be done on a regular basis. Otherwise, a variety of issues may occur. Poorly maintained hooves can lead to horses developing lameness due to additional strain on their legs when they walk and run. Due to the angles of the hoofs changing and poor balance not being fixed. To help keep your horse’s feet healthy, it is crucial that they are trimmed correctly, often enough, and with the right tools. A professional farrier can also get a good look at the feet during the trimming and shoeing appointments and warn you if something isn’t right; remember that getting your horse used to having their hooves handled helps make it a less stressful ordeal for them when you need to tend to them in the long run!


Do horses feel pain when their hooves?

Horses don’t experience any pain when their hooves are being trimmed and shod. The part of the hoof that is trimmed and the shoes are nailed to is made up of keratin, the same substance as a human fingernail. The hoof grows the way our nails grow, and there are no nerves in the hoof wall the same way there are no nerves in your fingernails. So while the horse isn’t being hurt, he is being bothered, and caution should be taken when around a horse is being shod as most horses don’t like to be fussed and can act up.


Horse owners should learn how to properly care for their horse’s hooves

It’s important to remember that with ownership comes responsibility for keeping the animal healthy. One of the most important aspects of horse care is caring for their hooves – after all, horses can’t exactly make an appointment at the local shoe shop when they need a manicure! Horse owners should learn how to clean and inspect their horse’s hooves on a regular basis.  With proper care, owners will be able to ensure that their four-legged friends have happy, healthy hooves!